Nichols Poultry

Nichols Poultry is a fully vertically integrated poultry producer and processor of chickens. We have total control and ownership of all inputs to our products from breeding hatchery through to feed mill to broiler growing to end processing and distribution.

  • Nichols Poultry was founded by Rob Nichols, who began poultry production in 1988, selling approximately 80 chickens per week. By 2017 production was in excess of 62,000 chickens per week.
  • In 2016, Nichols Poultry was purchased by Tasfoods Ltd and is now endorsed as part of The Tasmanian Food Co.
  • The use of European air chill processing technology was adopted as opposed to the American water chill way as seen in 99% of Australian poultry producers.
  • Our poultry farming practices are third-party approved to ensure bird welfare.
  • We directly employ approximately 60 people full time.
  • We source all grain locally, in excess of 9000 tons each year, equating to 20% of Tasmania's wheat feed.
  • 99% of sales are generated in Tasmania, where we have approximately 25% of the local market of fresh poultry sales.
  • We support and use environmentally sustainable practices.
  • We formulate our own feeds based on a vegetable diet without the use of hormones and growth promotants.

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Our Mission Statement

Nichols Poultry will embrace the best practice Total Quality Management, and lead with a committed environmental focus, rewarded by the knowledge that we are producing a premium product for a sustainable future.

    Local Ingredients

    Nichols Poultry is committed to reducing food miles by supporting local growers to produce all our annual grain requirements. We use local contractors for the harvest and that is also providing valuable employment opportunities for Tasmanians.

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    Natural Ventilation

    Nichols barn raised poultry are housed in naturally ventilated sheds to enable the birds to be in an environment free from predators and pests.

    All sheds are maintained to the highest standards with strict bio-security in place to prevent unwanted diseases. We employ natural barriers as opposed to chemical inputs to ensure a healthy and productive chicken for your eating enjoyment.

    We use a chicken that has been bred to provide optimum meat and our growing process consistently sees a result of up to 7% more breast meat per bird to other processors.

      Full Maturation

      The need for proper maturation of product prior to deboning is vital in the preparation of a tender, tasty fillet. Nichols Poultry always observes a lengthy maturation period before allowing carcasses to be deboned. This practice is difficult to achieve in high speed processing plants, however our production system has been developed to ensure this vital quality control step is not compromised.

        Air Chill and Soft Scald

        Using a lower heat to scald during processing it allows the epidermis to soften and release the feathers without opening up the skin to allow water penetration into the meat structure.

        Our unique system allows us to air chill. This enables the poultry to mature on the bone to enhance the natural flavours without damaging the structure of the meat. The air chill, technique produces a product that does not contain surplus water that is often found within the more mass produced water chilled products. The benefits of air chill are better seen in whole chickens, this lack of excess water is evident in all the Nichols Poultry range of products and is a point not missed by our customers.

        A simple test for the consumer is to compare a Nichols whole bird in the meat case with similar products from other producers and note the amount of water (not natural juices as claimed by other processors) in the packaging, also note we do not use nor need to use soaker pads in our whole bird packaging. A second simple test is to look at the colour of the processed birds in the packs Nichols birds have a pinkish hue to them while other producers birds are white from the chlorine process used to water chill in.

        Air chill gives you more bird for your $ with yield benefits of up to 8% more meat.