Nichols Sustainability Program

In 2008 the company installed a Vestas V27 wind turbine to enable the company to produce power and help reduce the carbon footprint through the use of renewable wind energy. The benefits of this will see the company reduce energy costs by around 50% each year, with the project becoming self sufficient within 5 years.

The company is investigating using waste products to produce bio fuels and alternative heating fuels for its broiler growing operation.

All shed waste is returned after composting to the farm paddocks thus further reducing the need for costly fertilisers.

A portion of all our poultry sales is returned back to our growers as a sustainability payment to enable them to undertake and maintain further sustainable farming practices through:

  • Planting trees for windbreaks
  • Fencing off waterways
  • Setting aside land for conservation,
  • Or any other worthwhile projects that fits our sustainability criteria.
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